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blue women and a guy named dave

The first time I saw the Indigo Girls live was over fifteen years ago, when I took a small group of students on an unofficial trip to see the Indigo Girls in Dallas.  There were several memorable things about that trip, including (of course) an incident with the 15-passenger van I was driving at the time.  We did finally make it to the show, and we loved it.  It was also my first introduction to an artist that I had heard of but only barely, David Wilcox.  He was opening and was right on my wavelength.  I’ve seen both a number of times since then both in Chicago and Seattle, and their live shows have always been a treat.  While my own musical tastes have changed some over the years, they have been consistently been putting out pretty good music.

Anyway, I thought I let you know that both have recently released new albums. You can listen to both free one time through at the links provided at lala.com. If you haven’t signed up for lala, you should. It is a great way to listen to music, and when you sign up you can ‘follow’ other people (sort of like twitter) to find out what your friends are listening to.

David Wilcox’s Open Hand.

Indigo Girls’ Poseidon and the Bitter Bug.

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