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I’m pretty sure I don’t need yet another outlet to put “me” out there, but I’ve recently rediscovered tumblr. I’ve had one for a while, but never really figured out why I had it or what I’d do with it.

Well, I think I get it now. I intend to keep my rarely posted on blog going, but I see tumblr as a place to put pictures, quotes, music, or other interesting things that I find on the intenet. So I guess if one were to think of my blog as a magazine (published bi-annually), the tumblr would would be more of a journal or notepad.

Or if my online presence were a house, it might break down like this…

Twitter // the front door – It is where I go out and people come in.

Instagram // the living room – This is where all the pictures are nicely hung.

Square Pegs Blog // the study – I do my thinking here.

Chino-esque Tumblr // the kitchen – Alison and I (and countless others) interact in the kitchen. Conversations both trite and meaningful take place here.  This is where daily life happens. You can subscribe like most any other blog through an RSS feed (Click HERE to subscribe).

Path // the bar – Rarely think of using it, but it is the only place I don’t interact with minors.

Facebook // the toilet – It stinks, but you have to have one.

Like I said, I probably don’t need another neglected social media “room.” But maybe – just maybe – having different places for different things will make life more manageable.

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