Square Pegs is all about me. Of course, I’m not saying anything that isn’t true about all blogs. I’m just getting it out on the table on the front end.

Actually, it is less about me and more about stuff I like to think about, talk about, and do. So it is mostly reflections on theology and books about theology. I also have a healthy dose of music I like in here. Occasionally, there’s a bit about my life. And last of all, on the very rare occasion I’ll dispense wisdom about outdoor gear.

That pretty much sums up what’s going on around here.

As for me…

I’m a Christ-follower.

I consider myself fortunate to be married to this wonderful woman.

Father to the four Chino-lings.

A pastor at Fellowship North and mainly work with students.

I enjoy the outdoors, biking, good coffee, good food and drink, books, people. In fact, the best days combine all of these things. Oh yeah, and traveling. And movies… sort of dumb. Doesn’t everyone like movies.

I guess that’s about it. Thanks for stopping by.

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